Massimo Mazzucchelli was born in Bologna in 1969 and in 1983 began his professional career in the family restaurant, showing right from the start a special interest in the world of enology.

In 1998 he attended the AIS courses, graduating as a professional sommelier, and this diploma will allow him to approach the wine and the kitchen with a renewed and deeper curiosity and awareness.

In 2000, together with his sister Aurora, he decides to make a change to the family restaurant ranging from local products, from the memories of tradition to experimentation with new techniques, giving a broader creative breath on an international level.

Thanks to his great tenacity he succeeded in his ambitious goal giving carte blanche to the kitchen to Aurora, a choice that will be awarded over the years with the arrival in 2008 of the star by the Michelin Guide.

Coherence, integrity and quality that makes no compromises: these are the credo of his work. In 2016 the spaces of Marconi Restaurant have been redesigned to merge with nature.

In the wine cellar he makes a constant research while as a Maitre his greatest desire is to share with the guests of the restaurant the pleasure of serving an experience.

His motto: “I’m not looking for perfection, but emotion. I believe that a musical score learned by heart will never be exciting as one played with heart and passion.”